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The Restaurant Group ltd -

Corporate Governance

Board of Directors

The Board’s role is to provide entrepreneurial leadership of the Company and Group within a framework of prudent and effective controls which enable risks to be assessed and managed. The Board reviews the Group’s business model and strategic objectives and looks to ensure that the necessary financial and human resources are in place to achieve these objectives, to sustain them over the long-term and to review management performance against these objectives. The Board also sets the Company’s values and standards and manages the business in a manner to meet its obligations to shareholders and other stakeholders.

Articles of Association

The Articles of Association are the Company’s internal rulebook and regulate the internal management of the Company setting out how decisions are made. It deals with matters such as the rights of shareholders, the appointment and removal of directors, the conduct of the board and general meetings and communications by the Company.

The Company adopted its current Articles of Association at a General Meeting held on 22 December 2023. The Articles can be viewed here

Our Tax Strategy can be viewed here.